Photodex Pro Show

Создание слайд шоу на базе программ Photodex.

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Слайд шоу, на базе программы Photodex  ProShow Gold

Photodex is a software company specializing in the digital imaging market. They are primarily known for the ProShow product line, which is photo slideshow software.

Photodex released one of the first consumer level slideshow programs in 1991 with a program named GDS or Graphic Display System. In the mid-1990s they focused on the photo management software product CompuPic, which also included slideshow capability. In 2002 they released the first version of ProShow, which focused primarily on slideshow creation.



Photodex's current products are the ProShow product line. ProShow consists of ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer, and ProShow Web.

ProShow Gold

ProShow Gold is a consumer-level tool for creating slideshows from photos, video clips and music. Built-in features allow users to customize slideshows with transitions, slide styles and motion effects in the style of the Ken Burns Effect. The software also has built-in CD, DVD and Blu-ray burning capabilities and outputs to other formats including MPEG video, QuickTime video, Flash Video, Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube.
In 2006, USA Today writer Jefferson Graham named ProShow Gold “the best program for mixing pictures and video clips.”
PC Magazine named ProShow Gold the Editors' Choice for creating slideshows.

ProShow Producer

ProShow Producer is professional-grade slideshow software for creating photo and video slideshows. Features including keyframing, masking and adjustment effects can be used for further customization. The software has built-in CD, DVD and Blu-ray burning capabilities. It also supports output to an Executable file (.exe) for playing on most computers (excluding Apple) as well as to other formats including MPEG video, QuickTime video, Flash Video, Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube.


ProShow Web

ProShow Web automatically creates video slideshows online from a user’s photos, video clips and music. Finished shows can be shared online through social networking sites including Facebook and YouTube or downloaded to a user’s computerю

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